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Bike Fit Services

At Campus Cycles, our goal is to help cyclists enjoy cycling. Whether you’re brand new to the sport or an old pro, we take pride in that fact that every bike we sell – be it a $329.00 hybrid or a $14,000.00 custom Independent Fabrication – will be properly fit to the rider.   Our expert staff knows that an improperly fit bicycle can ruin the sport for anyone.  When you buy a bike from Campus Cycles we will “showroom fit” you to your new purchase.  We set your seat height and check stem length and position as part of your purchase.  This first step in fitting is amazing but taking your fit to the next level will improve your experience by miles and miles.


Who Can Benefit From A Fitting?

Everyone! You don’t have to wait for pain or discomfort to strike.  Even if you didn’t buy your bike from us and you’re experiencing things like a sore butt, back pain, sore knees, or hand numbness, you’ll be happy to know we can fix it!


Ned Grant and Mark Velat are both Serotta certified fit specialists who have over 25 years of combined experience with helping people find the right position for optimal comfort, performance and efficiency. They’ll conduct in-depth, one-on-one consultations with you and combine the resulting analysis of individual physiology, athletic history and goals with scientific and anatomical principles to create a better interface between you and the bicycle.  With Campus Cycles Professional Fitting Services, you’ll fall in love with cycling all over again. 


How Would I Benefit From A Fitting?

Bike manufacturers design bikes to fit the average person, based on a range of sizes. Are you really average? Is your height the only factor that determines the right sized bike for you? A bike must fit not only in size, but also in accordance with your personal ability, flexibility, alignment, injury history, range of motion, riding style, time you spend in the saddle, and your goals. Wouldn’t you rather have a bike that’s fine-tuned to fit you and your needs than one that’s just based on a compilation of averages?


I Want One!

Campus Cycles Professional Fitting Services take place Tuesday thru Friday from 11:45 to 4:30 by appointment only.  A Standard Pro Fit is $175.00 and a Tri Bike Fit is $275.  If you purchase a bike from us, and it is over $2500.00 we’ll do a Professional Fit as part of the purchase price.  

Call us today at 303-698-2811, ext. 1 and ask for Ned or Michael to make an appointment.  We’ll make you fall in love with your bike all over again!