Bike Repair and Service

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For $90 this tune includes:

  • Adjust both derailleurs to keep your bike shifting smoothly.
  • Adjust both brakes and resurface pads to make sure you can stop when you want to.
  • Adjust headset, bottom bracket, and hubs to keep your ride quiet and smooth.
  • True both wheels to maintain handling and smoothness.
  • Lube chain and cables for the best performing shifting and pedaling.
  • Wipe down frame and wheels to keep your bike happy.
  • Align derailleur hanger to maintain proper shifting.
  • Check all nuts and bolts for proper torque for safety.
  • Test ride to ensure proper and safe function of the bicycle.

For $140 this tune includes:

  • Full drivetrain removal and cleaning, including front & rear derailleurs, chain, crank, & cassette.
  • Lubrication of drivetrain components and brakes to keep your ride quiet and pleasant.
  • Clean and polish frame, fork, and wheels for a shiny new bike feel.
  • No additional labor charge for replacement of worn drivetrain components

For $220 this tune includes:

  • New cables and housing for the brakes and derailleurs to lengthen the life of your drivetrain.

XC Tune




Front Suspension Service


Bleeding of Brake System

Enduro Tune




Rear Shock Service


Pivot Bearing Service

Please note: There may be a service fee added to some repairs.  This helps cover the cost of rags, lubricants, and other shop supplies.