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Bike Repair and Service

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the green jersey tune

For $90 this tune includes:

  • Adjust both derailleurs to keep your bike shifting smoothly.
  • Adjust both brakes and resurface pads to make sure you can stop when you want to.
  • Adjust headset, bottom bracket, and hubs to keep your ride quiet and smooth.
  • True both wheels to maintain handling and smoothness.
  • Lube chain and cables for the best performing shifting and pedaling.
  • Wipe down frame and wheels to keep your bike happy.
  • Align derailleur hanger to maintain proper shifting.
  • Check all nuts and bolts for proper torque for safety.
  • Test ride to ensure proper and safe function of the bicycle.
the polka dot jersey tune

For $140 this tune includes:

  • Full drivetrain removal and cleaning, including front & rear derailleurs, chain, crank, & cassette.
  • Lubrication of drivetrain components and brakes to keep your ride quiet and pleasant.
  • Clean and polish frame, fork, and wheels for a shiny new bike feel.
  • No additional labor charge for replacement of worn drivetrain components
the yellow jersey tune

For $220 this tune includes:

  • New cables and housing for the brakes and derailleurs to lengthen the life of your drivetrain.
Hardtail XC Tune

XC Tune (Hardtail MTB) - $250

Polka Dot Jersey Tune plus...


Front Suspension Service


Bleeding of Brake System

Full Suspension MTB Tune

Trail Tune (Full Suspension MTB) - $450

XC Tune plus...


Rear Shock Service


Pivot Bearing Service

Please note: There may be a service fee added to some repairs.  This helps cover the cost of rags, lubricants, and other shop supplies.