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Bike Repair and Service

We Offer Walk-In Appointments & Free Estimates

The Basic Tune


The tune with the adjustments that every bike needs! This price includes:

Adjust derailleurs

Adjust brakes  

Adjust bearings

True wheels  

Lube cables

Lube chain  

Wipe down frame

Any additional installs at full labor rates

The Complete Tune


The tune for the daily rider whose bike needs a little help (Best Value)
This price includes:

Crankset, chain, cassette, and derailleurs removed, cleaned, lubed and reinstalled 

Any additional installs done at 1/2 price labor 

Pro Tune


This price includes:

  • Complete Tune+
  • Firmware updates
  • Brakes bled
  • Replacement of cables and housing
  • Overhaul unsealed bearings
  • No labor charge on additional installs

Top 10 Items

1. Install tube/tire - $10 plus tube

2. Derailleur adjustment - $15

3. Brake adjustment - $15

4. Install brake pads - $20 plus pads

5. Bleed brake - $40

6. Wheel true minor/major - $15/$25

7. Install pedals - $5

8. Install handlebar tape - $20 plus tape

9. Overhaul suspension fork - $65 plus parts

10. Overhaul shock - $50 plus parts

Please note: There may be a service fee added to some repairs.  This helps cover the cost of rags, lubricants, and other shop supplies.