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E-Bike Voucher Information


Community Access to Electric Bikes Rebate Program | Colorado Energy Office

Electric Bikes - City and County of Denver


Can both Denver e-bike rebate and statewide e-bike rebate be used simultaneously for an e-bike purchase?

No, the City of Denver and State of Colorado rebates are not stackable.  Only one rebate is allowed per bike purchase.


Can people who live in Denver apply for both e-bike rebates, or do they just need to choose one? 


Yes, residents of the City and County of Denver can apply for the state rebate. Again, the city and state rebates are not stackable, so the individual would only be able to use one at the time of their bike purchase.


In the simplest terms possible, what are the differences between the two e-bike rebate programs?


The amounts are different and who qualifies is different.  Denver has three levels – General Resident, Income Qualified and Adaptive.  The State program is solely based on income – low and moderate.


When will rebate vouchers for both Denver and state programs become available?


The next round of Denver’s rebate vouchers will be available on Tuesday, July 25 at 11 AM. To be notified leading up to and on rebate voucher application release days, please subscribe to Denver's Office of Climate Action, Sustainability and Resiliency newsletter. You can also bookmark the rebate voucher application portal so you’re ready to go on application release days.


The State of Colorado’s e-bike rebate program is expected to open up in August 2023. Coloradans can check out the Colorado Energy Office’s website for more information and to sign up for a newsletter to be notified about the exact date their rebates will become available: